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People centric founder network.

Idea 2 exit masterclass is a 2-day intense workshop for curated startup founders.

The main focus will be to provide early stage founders with an opportunity to interact with other startups founders, professionals and investors who have been there and done that; to gain exposure and facilitate peer-peer interaction. The workshop will give the founders an overall understanding of different stages in the startup’s lifecycle.

Participation will be only for 12 curated startup founders through the application process. This is to ensure the quality & that the time and effort of both the founders and speakers are well respected. Workshop will be an offline event (session details below) with sessions of 45 mins each in which 35 mins will be session + 10 mins q&a.

Who can attend/ benefit?

All startup founders are welcome to apply. Selected startup founders will get a one-one guidance sessions (other than general office hours) prior to the workshop to prepare them well in advance for the session to gain maximum out of the workshop.

The workshop will feature the following sessions over the course of 2 days

  • Session: Getting to Ramen Profitability

Profile of speaker: Early stage founders.

  • Session: Getting to Product Market Fit

Profile of speaker: Growth stage founders.

  • Session: Growth Hacking / Innovation Led Organic Growth

Profile of speaker: Growth stage founders.

  • Session: Enterprise Sales

Profile of speaker: Head of enterprise sales at a scale up startup.

  • Session: Legal aspects & best practices

Profile of speaker: Experienced legal professional.

  • Session: Institutional Fundraising

Profile of speaker: Founder with institutional fundraising experience and typically raised series A or above.

  • Session: Investor Interaction

Profile of speaker: Seasoned angel investor.

  • Session: Scaling up

Profile of speaker: Scale up stage founder typically with an exit.

  • Session: Exit stories

Profile of speaker: Founders with exits.

Why this format?

The idea is to give a holistic view of the startup cycle for founders to get better relatability and figure out where they stand in the process. This will help them identify what needs to be done to move forward and get to next stage.

The workshop will end with community gathering including the speakers and key stakeholders.


  1. Express interest -Now (Apply below)
  2. Application Close - April 30
  3. Pre-selection - May 1- 15
  4. Final selection result - May 3rd week
  5. I2E workshop - TDB (Kochi, exact location TDB)

Program Advisor

Sijo Kuruvilla George

Founder, Rethink.Founding CEO, Startup Village.

Program Anchor

Jibin Jose

Founder, Flipmotion.

Office hours

To facilitate guidance about the selection and process of the workshop, we will be hosting office hour sessions every Wednesday and Thursday over appear. You can schedule yours from the available slots here / below.