The agenda and speakers of the pilot I2E workshop.

Session 1: Getting to Ramen Profitability

Speaker: Saleeh K, Founder & CEO Appmaker.xyz

Short bio: Started Appmaker.xyz in 2015 and grown it to a team of 10, serving 500+ happy customers across the globe. Their product suite includes web2desk, pwa2apk & intercept.rest. Their product web2desk has been featured in product hunt as #1 product of the day multiple times.

Session 2: Getting to Product Market Fit

Speaker: Mohammed Hisamuddin, Founder & CEO entri.app

Short bio: Entri is a vernacular language test prep platform for teachers and students in India. 520k students and 2300 teachers have used Entri to improve their learning and teaching so far. Entri is on track to reach 1 million students in the next 6 months. Entri recently became the first Indian startup to get into LearnLaunch, leading EdTech accelerator based out of Boston.

Session 3: Product Development & Innovation Led Organic Growth

Speaker: Anoop Balakrishnan, CEO & Co-founder at Agrima Infotech

Short bio: The team started with VIKI a personal assistant for Blackberry devices and was professionally patented in 2011. From that point on, the core aim was Artificial Intelligence. Later the team developed APIs using machine learning, which later came to be known as ‘FOOD VISION API’. This API helps the user find what food item they scanned. But, the way Agrima implemented this technology created a breakthrough for the RecipeBook App. RecipeBook became a Google Editor’s pick and racked up 1.5m installs.

Session 4: Enterprise Sales

Speaker: Jofin Joseph, Head of Operations at FullContact

Short bio: Jofin is the Head of Operations for FullContact in India responsible for the scale up and growth of the company's India office. Jofin heads the Data Research function of FullContact. In the current role, he leads the scale-up of the team to a 170 member organisation. Jofin co-founded a startup Profoundis and built Vibe, a sales data intelligence tool which went on to gather 100K+ users before it got acquired by FullContact.

Session 5: Legal Aspects & Best Practices

Speaker: Kannan Surendran, Co-founder & Managing Director at FinLead Innovations

Short bio: Kannan is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in M&A, Transaction advisory, company law and startup advisory, apart from Fintech. He thoroughly advocates the application of emerging technologies in Finance & Legal domain and has deep interests in Fintech - particularly Data Analytics and BlockChain. Before founding FinLead, Kannan worked with Moore Stephens International for 7 years in various roles. He has also handled numerous sessions organized by Headstart, KSIDC, IIM Kozhikode, Inventicon etc..

Session 6: Institutional Fundraising

Speaker: Shihab Muhammed, Founder& CEO at SurveySparrow

Short bio: Shihab Muhammed is the Founder and CEO of SaaS Survey Platform SurveySparrow. Started in 2017 SurveySparrow wants to take surveys into conversations and scaled to 7000+ customers in 108 countries in a short period of time. Before SurveySparrow Shihab was employee #3 at Freshworks, a billion dollar unicorn out of Chennai, India

Session 7: Investor Interaction

Speaker: Raveendranath Kamath, Co-Founder & CFO, Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Short bio: Active angel investor in Kerala based startups since 2013. He is also a first generation entrepreneur with a focus on technology and education. Part of the senior management team that took PartyGaming plc to a $10B IPO in 2005. Currently handling finance and technology at NextEducation, one of the largest ed-tech solution providers in India serving more than 10,000 schools.

Session 8: Interaction with Kerala Startup Mission

Speaker: Tom Thomas, Project Director, Operations @ Kerala Startup Mission

Short bio: Tom was a part of the pioneering team of Startup Village that successfully propelled India's first PPP model Technology Business Incubator to one of the top 10 incubators in the country. This gave him the opportunity to work with a large number of early-stage startups in -helping them develop their business plans, working with them in fine-tuning their product strategy and also helping them in project management. He is currently the project director of operations at the Kerala Startup mission.

Session 9: Scaling up

Speaker: Arjun Satheesh, Head of Operations, CareStack (Good Methods Global Inc.)

Short bio: Leading operations at CareStack. CareStack is a cloud-based platform for dental practices and practice chains to streamline business operations, improve clinical efficiency, acquire more patients and have a constant focus on practice performance through better analytics and reporting. Our enterprise SaaS platform equips dental practices with a clinical practice management system, patient engagement solutions, business intelligence tools and advanced business planning capabilities.

Session 10: Exit Stories - iTraveller.com (VC)

Speaker: Shiju Radhakrishnan, Founder & CEO at iTraveller.com

Short bio: Shiju is a first generation entrepreneur, based in Bangalore, India. He is the founder and CEO iTraveller.com - a cloud-based travel discovery, planning and booking platform. As part of his past assignments, Shiju has worked on process automation, consulting & technology in manufacturing and retail supply chain related industries. He was part of WIPRO, Cognizant & Ashok Leyland in his past life. Shiju has his bachelors in Engineering, with a University First Rank and MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai.